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Email Marketing Tips

Marketing by email can be an effective form of communication and customer generation. By employing a few useful strategies you can increase your success rate.

1) Make sure your subject line is short and descriptive; this will allow people to quickly decide if they are going to read your email. The subject line is extremely important as this is the first thing people will see.

2) Utilize the From line effectively by including your company name there, by all means do not be deceptive.

3) Tailor your message contents to the audience. Depending on the list your message will be sent to, make sure that the contents are relevant. If you are gathering email addresses from your web site, consider allowing the user to specify what types of information that want to receive.

4) Keep it Short & Simple. Unless your customer has specifically asked for content that is long, keep your email short and to the point. Research shows that short messages generate more calls to action than longer ones.

5) Report and evaluate. Make sure the email service you are using to send messages offers comprehensive reporting tools that will allow you to review important metrics such as deliverable, open and unsubscribe rates.

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