• Bode By Lex Fitness App

    The Bode By Lex app is a fitness and lifestyle app that allows users to complete guided workouts and connect socially with like minded exercise enthusiasts.

  • City of Douglas

    Custom Android transit tracking app developed for the government of the City of Douglas, Arizona.

  • The Ultimate Prepper

    The Ultimate Prepper is a highly popular clicker style iOS and Android game that is built for phones and tablets.

  • Golf Action

    Golf Action is a natively built IOS and Android app that makes it easy to track scoring, bets and side games on the golf course.

  • Life By Seacret

    The Seacret Spa company researches and creates a line of spa products that include healing minerals from the Dead Sea.

  • Grab Ads

    Grab Ads is a merchant solution that allows businesses to place beacons at their physical location which then communicates with a smartphone app to deliver information and discounts to the end user.

  • ProSports EMS

    The ProSports EMS application is a unique mobile app built for professional and college sports team’s physicians and other Healthcare staff while they are on the road and traveling with their team.

  • Baby Jaserick

    Baby Jaserick is a simple app for iOS and Android phones.

  • Soma OPP App

    The Soma OPP app developed by Net-Craft.com and our app development group, Sharkfuel is a medical based app the osteopathic field.

  • EZEstimate

    EZ Estimate is an iPhone and Android app and multifunction back-end database that allows automotive shops to deliver easy-to-follow visual estimates to their customers.

  • Exploracle

    Exploracle is an iPhone app that allows users to create their own customized scavenger hunts.

  • Wisdomantics

    Wisdomantics is a fun and interactive iOS and Android game for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets . The game is directed toward Christians who are looking to expand their knowledge about King Solomon.

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