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Success & Results Tracking

Success & Results Tracking

It is time to start taking advantage of technologies ability to learn more about the results of your advertising dollar. We can help you track the effectiveness of organic search engine optimization, PPC – Pay-Per-Click advertising, banner ads, social media, email marketing and affiliate marketing. The information that can be gathered is invaluable to your business.

  • Discover which search terms produce the most sales, not just the most clicks. You would be surprised; many search engine terms produce window shoppers while others produce buyers.
  • Learn where your customers are coming from.
  • Track exactly which website visitors make your phone ring.
  • Locate which pages on your website are producing results and which need more refinement.
  • Discover which web pages are producing the most phone calls.
  • Track banner ads, pop-ups, and link exchange effectiveness.
  • Measure the value of your phone calls.
  • Reduce bounce rates and increase your visitor conversion rate!

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