Our Services

Custom App Development

Are you looking to create an app from scratch? Need help finishing a project that lies dormant? Do you need someone to take over the management and improvement of an existing app? If the answer is yes, we offer flexible and affordable mobile app development solutions to meet those needs and more.

  • Affordable pricing

    Affordable pricing

    App development pricing varies greatly depending on the features and functionality required from the app. We invite you to contact us for a free app development pricing estimate. A short discussion or a few emails back and forth will usually be enough for us to estimate your project in terms of time and money. We also can send you an NDA’s so you can feel comfortable discussing your project with us.

  • User interface design

    User interface design

    We will use our expertise and knowledge to help bring your app outline to a development roadmap. We use web enabled app prototyping tools that allow us to visually show the app screen flow in a web browser. Our clients are then able to see how their app will look as well as click on screens to test navigation before code is written. This saves both time and money as our clients are able to make better informed decisions about app features.

  • Native or hybrid app development

    Native or hybrid app development

    We offer native app development (Swift, Objective C, Java) as well as hybrid tools (React Native) when appropriate. Our app developers include specialists in both front and back-end work. Our development teams stay in constant communication with our project managers so that you are aware of the status of your project at anytime.

  • Project management

    Project management

    A dedicated project manager will communicate with you regularly to discuss project updates, open questions and content needed. We will keep you up to date with deliverable dates, testing progress and anything else needed from you to avoid delays. We have found that the more engaged clients are with the development process the better the finished product.

  • App testing

    App testing

    We use experienced software testers and automated load testing to weed out potential system bugs. Our team will test the app with a variety of devices and operating systems to ensure a thorough review. When bugs are found, they are logged for our development team to correct.

  • App marketing & ongoing support

    App marketing & ongoing support

    After a project is placed live, we offer regular support that includes CMS hosting, nightly data back-ups, security monitoring, database optimization, operating system code updates, content edits, bug elimination, and new feature add-ons. We also offer a variety app marketing services that includes: search engine optimization (SEO), PPC (PayPerClick), and social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc..)