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Internet & Search Engine Marketing

We use the Internet to drive traffic and increase your business online. Our services include organic search engine optimization (SEO),pay-per-click (PPC), email and social media marketing.

  • Local seo

    Local seo

    The importance of location based search results to your company’s bottom line cannot be overemphasized. Google My Business Local Search Results appear when Google displays “geo-targeted” information. It’s Simple, if your business serves local customers you must concentrate on local search results.

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    Internet & Search Engine Marketing

    Over 70% of US Households Use the Internet when Shopping Locally for Products and Services!

    Local Search Marketing

    Optimize Your Google Places Local Search Result Placement

    In the example above, there is a Google search result for “Scottsdale Med Spa”. As you can see, a map was at the top of the search results with 7 businesses being featured. From this map, users can visit the businesses website, get driving directions, and view reviews from other users. Other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo also use these map references to show results that have local content.

    It’s Simple, if your Business Serves Local Customers you Must Concentrate on Local Search!

    The Net-Craft internet marketing team are experts at improving your local search-engine ranking. Our internet marketing specialists will work to make your website show up on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing in the local area where you conduct business. We achieve these results by performing the following local search optimization tasks:

    • Analyze your specific market for the most relevant keywords and determine the level of competition.
    • Create and optimize the information found on your your local map listings.
    • Revise listing content to make it relevant for local searchers.
    • Create Citations/links to your business information on other sites and directories.
    • Optimize your websites content to focus on the correct geo-terms needed for ranking in local search results.
    • Monitor and promote the review process of customers leaving honest feedback about your products or services.
    • Analyze your current website and give feedback on how to improve your content/design/position.

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    • National search engine optimization

      National search engine optimization

      Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to your web site marketing success. The increased volume of websites and competition on the web has made the need for targeted website traffic a must. Even if you have a revolutionary service or product it will not make much of a difference if customers are not aware of what you have to offer.

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      Organic Search Optimization

      For a Complete Internet Marketing Campaign, Organic Search Marketing Should be Emphasized

      Simply having a website is no longer enough to be successful on the Internet. Since 2000 our search engine optimization company in Scottsdale has helped many companies achieve higher SEO rankings for the keywords that matter to their business.

      If the content on your website is not properly optimized and / or your only marketing on the internet consists of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, you are missing out on a large amount of business. There are billions of searches made each day and your website needs to be properly keyword optimized to take advantage of them. As a recognized Scottsdale SEO expert, you can trust Net-Craft for affordable and effective SEO services.

      Search engines such as Google are continually changing their search algorithms and improving the way they rank websites in an effort to serve their customers with more accurate content. Our search engine specialists work with you to determine a search engine strategy that will maximize your keyword rankings and drive targeted traffic to your website.

      Simply stated, Net-Craft is a Scottsdale SEO company that will help you achieve top Google results which will result in greater visibility and profitability for your company.

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      We deliver measurable results not just empty promises.

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      • Pay per click (ppc) advertising

        Pay per click (ppc) advertising

        PPC also known as Google AdWords is one of the best and most cost-effective internet marketing strategies available. Set-up properly PPC advertising allows your business to target your marketing message to customers searching for your product or service. Conversely, a PPC account that is set-up incorrectly will be less effective and lead to waste.

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        Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Management

        From a Lavish to Limited Budget, PPC Allows you to Pay Only for the Clicks your Ad Generates

        Concerned about costs? Don’t be, PayPerClick allows us to be in complete control over the money you want to spend.

        Set your Budget

        There are no minimum spending requirements – the amount you pay for PPC advertising is completely up to you and can be modified up and down as your needs change. For example you can set a daily advertising budget of ten dollars. Once your budget is reached for that day, your ad simply does not appear until the next day.

        Eliminate Guesswork

        Net-Craft provides keyword traffic and cost estimates so you can make informed decisions about choosing keywords that maximize your budget and ad effectiveness.

        You Pay only for Results

        You pay only if someone clicks on your ad, not just when your ad is displayed. Also sophisticated fraud prevention controls eliminate the risk of people clicking your ad multiple times.

        We deliver measurable results not just empty promises.

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        We deliver measurable results not just empty promises.

          We guarantee 100% privacy.
        • Social media marketing

          Social media marketing

          Marketing on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. are extremely popular because it is cost-effective and offers user engagement. It is not uncommon for many business owners to not realize the benefits of using social media to market their business.At Net-Craft, we have social media experts that will analyze your current social media situation and develop a custom strategy that will maximize its potential.

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          Social Media Marketing

          Find New Customers and Engage With Your Current Clients to Improve Your Profits

          The number of small businesses and corporations that have joined the social media marketing space has risen exponentially. The reason for this is simple, social media outlets such as FaceBook and Twitter offer a tremendous opportunity to quickly and effectively broadcast your marketing message to those it is most relevant.

          Unfortunately, many businesses go about social media marketing incorrectly and the positives that the medium offers can quickly turn to a negative.

          We offer a complete range of social media marketing services.

          • Custom Facebook page development
          • Facebook ad management
          • Custom Facebook app development
          • Custom Twitter page design
          • Pinterest internet marketing
          • Setup and ongoing engagement on major social networks
          • Growing followers and fan base
          • Weekly progress updates from our social media marketing team

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          • Mobile app marketing

            Mobile app marketing

            Marketing your mobile app begins when potential users initially hear about your app and continues as they become and continue to be a user. For this process to be effective, it is important to figure out the types of people that will be your users, where to reach them and what will trigger them to download your app.

            We have simplified this into three app marketing processes, click here to learn more.

          • Conversion, results & analytic tracking

            Conversion, results & analytic tracking

            A major advantage to marketing online are the technologies available that allow you to track their effectiveness. Organic SEO, PPC, banner ads, social media, email and affiliate marketing can be analyzed to determine their ROI (Return on Investment).

            To read more about the types of marketing insights available, please click here.

            Success & Results Tracking

            • Discover which search terms produce the most sales, not just the most clicks. You would be surprised; many search engine terms produce window shoppers while others produce buyers.
            • Learn where your customers are coming from.
            • Track exactly which website visitors make your phone ring.
            • Locate which pages on your website are producing results and which need more refinement.
            • Discover which web pages are producing the most phone calls.
            • Track banner ads, pop-ups, and link exchange effectiveness.
            • Measure the value of your phone calls.
            • Reduce bounce rates and increase your visitor conversion rate!

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            We deliver measurable results not just empty promises.

              We guarantee 100% privacy.