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New Google Chrome to Phone feature

New Google Chrome to Phone feature

August 16, 2010

Search Giant Google held an event today to highlight improved features in the Android mobile operating system. One of these features was the Chrome-to-Phone extension/application.

Chrome-to-Phone is a cool application that makes it possible for the user to send information from your browser directly to your mobile device / phone. It was created by a Google engineer with his 20 percent time (when employees are on the clock but encouraged to develop what they choose to).

A couple examples on how this mobile feature can be used is if you are viewing a webpage and would like to continue reading it on your phone, all you would have to do is click a button in Chrome. Another would be if you see a phone number on a web page that you need to call, you can send that to your phone and automatically launch the phone dialer, this would prevent typos and increase speed.

A demo is available below: