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Eight Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Separate Mobile Version

September 16, 2010

The number of people accessing the Internet with their phones is exploding. It is therefore imperative that your companies web presence have a properly formatted version to allow quick and easy browsing. There are many reasons why this is a smart business decision. Below we have listed the most important reasons why your website should have a separate mobile web version.

1. Search giant Google compiles a separate index for mobile websites.

Not only does Google include a separate index for mobile content, but it is also new and content added now will have primary position over content added later. The sooner you add a mobile website to Google’s mobile index the better.

2. Navigating regular websites is difficult on a mobile device.

Even with today’s smart phones such as the Apple iPhone and Android, there is an extremely limited amount of screen space. A user quickly becomes tired of pinching, zooming and scrolling side to side to read web site information and will click away. Worse they may become frustrated with your web site on their mobile device and associate that frustration with your company.

3. More than 20% of mobile users in the USA use the mobile web each day.

This phenomenal mobile percentage use is growing every year. If your company is not specifically addressing this customer base, it is only a matter of time for your competition to seize the opportunity themselves.

4. The Mobile web will surpass the desktop within 4-5 years.

Usage and adoption by new users is growing at a much faster pace than the desktop did.

In the future, most of your web site visitors will likely be from a mobile device.

5. Almost $ billion in goods and services was purchased from a mobile device in 2009.

Probably the most exciting statistic regarding the mobile web. This means that web site visitors are not only lookers but buyers as well. As comfort levels, security and more sophisticated devices are developed this number has nowhere to go but up.

6. Over 92% of United States adults own a cell phone.

Sure, not every cell phone has Internet access, but the that is the trend. Even non smartphones usually have some form of internet access.

7. Spending on mobile advertising will be more than $6.5 billion in 2012.

Advertising spending is a good indicator of the current economic status of an industry. Mobile advertising spending is increasing year after year.

8. Estimates indicate over 2 billion cell phones worldwide.

Yes that’s a lot of cell phones, the mobile web is trending up and has a phenomenal amount of room to grow.

Now is a great time to review your mobile internet strategy. If you would like to speak to one of our consultants about an iPhone or Android app and/or mobile website version. Please contact us today for a free mobile strategy consultation.