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Learning Marketing Tips from Infomercials?

September 16, 2010

What could anyone learn from the late-night infomercials? Plenty, as it turns out. The most important thing to know is that these infomercials as funny as they can be, work! There are 4 main tips every marketer should learn, continue reading below to learn them.

1) Tell your Customers what they’re Getting and then tell them Again

Infomercials are great at repeating the same information over and over again. This is done for a reason. They are setting their potential customers expectations. For your own marketing efforts, explain in detail what products and / or services you provide and the benefits that come with it.

2) Use Real Customer Testimonials

It is extremely important to let your customers tell your story. Ask for testimonials from current and past clientele. Let your customers do that for you. Real customer testimonials are extremely effective at building trust.

3) Present a Problem and then Solve it

All infomercials present the audience with a problem or a need and they solve or fill it. Ensure that your website clearly defines both.

4) Present a Clear Specific Offer.

Infomercials all include some limited time special offer. They do not include lots of confusing options or choices to select. Rather they offer a simple to understand choice, purchase or don’t purchase. This may not work for your situation, but the lesson is clear, keep it simple. Lastly, give an incentive for customers to act quickly. Examples include a timed discount, limited supply or availability, or a combination of both.