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Blogging with Limited Time

Blogging with Limited Time

October 6, 2010

Regular updates to your business blog are incredibly important for good search engine rankings. However, how do find the time to write these updates when you have a company to run. Here are four tips to maximize your limited time:

The first is to set a goal that is not overly ambitious. A good start would be one or two blog posts per week. The second is consistency, once you define a goal; make sure you stick to it. Visitors will come to expect your regular posts, don’t let them down. Third, if you are having trouble generating ideas for blog posts brainstorm and collect ideas in a Word document throughout the work week. When it comes time to actually write a blog post, you can consult your ‘idea file’ Word doc for places to begin. The fourth tip is to finish the ‘meat’ of the post first and add extra stuff like images links, and special formatting later.