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The Loading Speed of a Website is Most Important for Users

The Loading Speed of a Website is Most Important for Users

October 6, 2010

A recent study entitled “When Seconds Count” done by Equation Research on behalf of Gomez, shows that web surfers rank a web sites loading speed as their number one factor of satisfaction. This is important for businesses to realize as they review their current and future web site needs. This can be a difficult juggling act as users demand rich functionality such as Flash, audio and video.

Highlights of the study include:

  1. Almost one-third of users will begin leaving a site id it seems to be loading slowly after one to five seconds.
  2. Over eighty percent only attempt a slow responding website a few times before leaving.
  3. Almost forty percent indicate that speed is more important than functionality for most websites.
  4. Slow loading times are common and they make users frustrated.
  5. Almost two thirds of users find a slow performing website a few times a week or more.
  6. More than a third of users said they would not return to a slow site, and more than twenty-five percent would likely go to a competitor’s site.

It is apparent that users are demanding a quick, fast loading web site. Only a few seconds can make the difference between a negative and a positive outcome. If you would like to review your web site’s loading speed, please contact Net-Craft.com today for a free consultation.