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Internet Marketing Trends for 2011

Internet Marketing Trends for 2011

May 6, 2011

A recent survey of Search Engine Marketing Professionals (SEMPO) has indicated the top two areas they will be focusing on are ‘social and ‘mobile’. More than nine-hundred US and global businesses engaged in the survey.

Facebook PayPerClick is used by almost half of those surveyed. Contrast this with a smaller percentage used by small businesses managing their own PayPerClick campaigns. The mobile internet is having a large impact on the search engine landscape. Almost half of respondents indicated that are directly feeling the results of search engine marketing on mobile devices.

Finally local search is the next most significant trend, with forty-three percent of respondents saying it was very important to their internet marketing strategy. Since many businesses do not sell beyond their local populace it is important to target your ads effectively so advertising dollars are not wasted.


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