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Four Tips to Improve your eMail Marketing

Four Tips to Improve your eMail Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely popular form of direct e-marketing because of its low cost, quick delivery time and analytic tracking capabilities. Below are four tips that can help improve your eMail marketing campaigns:

  • Personalize your emails – Research shows that click through rates are enhanced when your email is addressed to a user by their first name as opposed to a general salutation.
  • Include an attention grabbing headline – To improve your email click through rate, Users should be compelled by your headline to read more about your subject.
  • Target effectively – Your email list can be broken down into as many groups or categories as necessary. Direct your emails to the specific recipient categories that makes the most sense.
  • Include an unsubscribe link – Make sure your unsubscribe link is easy to locate and that it works. This will help reduce the amount of spam reports your emails generate.

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