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5 Ways to Avoid Chargebacks with your eCommerce Account

5 Ways to Avoid Chargebacks with your eCommerce Account

March 13, 2012

If you are selling online, avoiding and reducing the number of customer chargebacks received to your merchant account is of paramount importance. Here are 5 tips you can do:

  1. Merchant Identification: Ensure that when the customer receives their statement your name and description are clearly indicated so the user knows who has charged them.
  2. Order Confirmation: Display order confirmation details on the web page immediately following a successful order and generate a confirmation email at the same time. Encourage users to print a copy and/or Save as a PDF, a copy of the email.
  3. Avoid Duplicates: Ensure your order process is safeguarded to eliminate duplicate charges to a customer’s card.
  4. Display Return Policies: On the order confirmation screen and email, make sure that you have your cancellation and/or return policies displayed.
  5. Be Prompt: Make sure you ship the product when indicated to the customer, use online tracking mechanisms and let customers know if there are any unforeseen delays.

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