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Encourage More Customer Acquisitions with Social Media

Encourage More Customer Acquisitions with Social Media

Social media is a valuable tool for building brand awareness, increasing customer engagement, and generating new leads, but the question that everyone seems to be asking now is – how do I translate social media users into new customers? Even though businesses have different challenges facing them in terms of increasing customer acquisition via social media, there are still a few techniques that you can incorporate into your social media strategy to drive more sales, build brand loyalty, and increase customer acquisitions.

#1. Start Searching for Potential Customers

Twitter is a great social tool that gives businesses the opportunity to reach millions of people instantly through the use of hash tags and targeted content. With more than 340 million tweets per day, Twitter users are probably referencing your brand in some way, and you can take proactive steps to locate the people that are interested in your band and communicate with them directly.

TweetDeck is a great tool to use for search, and you can target users that are tweeting about your brand or the products or services that you offer so that you can engage with them directly. You may also want to look to the people that are engaging with your competitors to see if they want to check out your business.

#2. Engage Your Audience with Visuals

Photos are responsible for driving twice the engagement as posts that only feature content. In order to attract new fans on Facebook, start taking pictures that your target market will find interesting and post them to your social sites. Instagram is a great platform to post all of your images and to attract a loyal following that will translate to other social media sites as well. Pinterest is another great social photo platform that you can use to promote your products and engage your audience.

#3. Customize Your Social Profiles

Instead of posting the same content to every channel, make sure that each of your profiles has a distinct persona, and work to bring a new perspective to each social media channel. If people see that you are posting the same information on all of your social media sites, they may decide that they only need to follow you on one platform instead of all of your branded social media profiles. Another great technique is to develop exclusive offers for each channel to incentivize people to follow your brand and acquire new customers.

#4. Get Personal with Your Customers

Mass messages don’t go very far in helping businesses attract new customers via social media. People like to feel as if they are communicating one-on-one with the brand. Creating posts that speak to your target audience in a very personal way will help you build strong relationships and create more brand loyalty.

#5. Acknowledge Your Customers and Let Them Shine

Consumers love to get noticed by their favorite brands, so take the time to acknowledge or honor your customers. If you can make it a point to show your loyal fans or followers that you appreciate them and value their business, you will be able to develop a powerful social media presence and increase customer acquisitions through social media.

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