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Shopping on a Mobile Device

Shopping on a Mobile Device

May 14, 2012

Mobile devices are now used for much more than making calls and sending text messages. Mobile shopping is a growing trend that is sweeping nearly every retail industry. People are becoming much more responsive to the idea of shopping for their favorite products via their mobile devices, and mobile phones and tablets are reshaping the buying landscape. According to research from IBM, Black Friday mobile sales surged to 9.8% from 3.2% just over the past year, and this is an example of a larger trend that is expected to grow in the future

To understand the buying preferences of mobile shoppers, the following facts may surprise you and give you a new perspective on their buying preferences:

#1. Mobile Browsing doesn’t Necessarily Translate to Purchasing

Browsing for products on a mobile device or tablet is increasing in popularity at an unprecedented rate, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that browsers will complete the sale on their mobile device. Of all of the activities that people use their mobile devices for, purchasing is one of the least popular. A concern over site security is the overwhelming reason that most people cite as to why they don’t purchase with their mobile phones.

#2. Men Shop with Their Mobile Devices More Often than Women

Men are more likely to use their mobile devices to shop than their female counterparts. Men use their mobile devices for everything from gathering information on products or services to making price comparisons. Men are also more likely to use their mobile devices instead of shopping in traditional retail settings.

#3. Mobile Shopping is Still Popular in Places where Computers are Readily Accessible

Mobile shopping is often performed in places where computers are readily available, but shoppers may prefer to browse for products on their personal devices rather than to use a company computer to research products or make price comparisons.

#4. Mobile Shopping doesn’t Impact Buyer Behavior

Mobile buyers often say that they would buy the products or services that they are shopping for regardless of how they choose to shop. While mobile shopping may not have a profound impact on the type of goods and services purchased, it does open up a new and innovative commerce platform.

#5. Customers Enjoy the Mobile Shopping Experience

People enjoy shopping for products and services on their mobile phone, according to a recent study by Mashable. 69% of participants indicated that their experience was either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ when using a mobile device to shop. People enjoy mobile shopping because it is very convenient and eliminates many of the in-store problems that shoppers face, such as long wait times, out of stock products, etc.

#6. Mobile Shopping can Still Improve

Despite the fact that the mobile shopping experience is viewed as very good or excellent, there are still areas that can be improved particularly with user experience. Optimizing online stores for mobile devices and tablets will help vendors eliminate areas that customers are dissatisfied with, e.g., difficult navigational tools, lack of product information, etc.

#7. People Prefer to Shop on Mobile Devices with a Touch Screen

Most customers who use their mobile devices to shop prefer to use touchscreens. These devices offer the optimal web browsing experience and are a no-fuss, natural alternative to more outdated devices.

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