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Five Deadly Mistakes Made with Small Business Website Design

Five Deadly Mistakes Made with Small Business Website Design

August 9, 2012

With more emphasis on improving websites’ usability, aesthetics, and functionality, small businesses are focusing on making necessary changes to their web presence. Since small businesses often suffer from a myriad of troubling mistakes with their website design and development, business owners are capitalizing on making these improvements to command a larger market share in their industry. Below are the five glaring web design mistakes that small business owners should avoid to maximize sales and conversions.

  • Make it quick and simple to purchase products and/or services from your website and provide clear, concise product descriptions.
  • Choose a website design that will make your content stand out, rather than trying to communicate through your design only.
  • Include calls to action on each internal page so that your visitors know which step to take next once they visit these pages.
  • Incorporate a blog into your website so that you can engage and entertain your readers with interesting topics and informative posts.
  • Keep your website simple and make sure that it is intuitive and easy to navigate.

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