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How to Find New Leads Using Social Media

How to Find New Leads Using Social Media

September 13, 2012

Social media is becoming a powerful force in the marketing stratosphere, as advertisers look for new ways to utilize social networks that connect businesses with hundreds of millions of people. Leveraging social media can generate new leads, increase sales, and improve brand recognition/loyalty. According to Hubspot’s most recent Inbound Marketing Report, 93% of people that use the Internet have a Facebook account, and more time is now spent on Facebook than Google and Yahoo. Facebook generates the most conversions for B2C businesses, and social networks are leading more and more to growth in new business for companies across many industries.

While it is still important to maintain high visibility on search engines, it is equally important now to integrate a powerful social media component into your company’s marketing mix. Businesses that want to be easily located and grow their profits are investing in both search and social, and Facebook is one of the most important profiles for businesses to engage their customers with.

Here are a few other ways you can generate leads through social media.

Consider offering a group deal. These deals are designed to entice more people to become your fans by offering a great deal on your products and services to them in exchange. This has been very successful for local businesses because it allows people to pull large groups of people from their customers’ personal networks that may become more interested in their business after enjoying a great bargain.

Let your fans and followers know when you’re offering a special.
When you decide to run a special promotional offer, make sure to keep your fans and followers updated so that they can take advantage of this offer. Many businesses even offer exclusive promotions only to their Facebook fans or Twitter followers to increase brand loyalty, interaction and engagement

Ask interesting questions to start a conversation with your fans and followers. Staying engaged on social media is critical to success, and the more that you are able to interact with your fans, the better that your presence will be. Make sure to ask questions or to discuss exciting facts that your fans will find interesting so that you can increase interaction and engagement and generate more leads.

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