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How to Design Effective Call-to-Action Buttons for Your Website

How to Design Effective Call-to-Action Buttons for Your Website

November 23, 2012

Website owners and creators sometimes fail to acknowledge the true importance of call-to-action buttons when they hold fundamental importance to the overall usability and performance of your website. Follow these tips to help create call-to-action buttons that stand out and increase your conversion rates:

Choose the Perfect Size to Encourage More Clicks

Experts in conversion metrics often agree that bigger buttons command more clicks, but the question still remains: how big is too big? Most call-to-action buttons are square or ovular in shape and are designed to attract the viewer’s attention. While the button needs to be large enough to command a certain level of attention, it should not take away from the content or the design of the rest of the page. When designing a call-to-action button, take the customer’s perspective into consideration and create a button that is large enough to grab their attention but does not detract from the other important elements of the page.

Identifying the Right Color to Use for Call-to-Action Buttons

The color that you choose for your call to action button can have a significant impact on how effective it is at converting leads into customers. Monitoring the effect of the colors you use on your call-to-action buttons can provide valuable feedback on which color will work best. You should always choose colors that complement the design and color scheme of your website but that also stand out from the main colors to draw attention to the button.

Selecting a Shape that Complements Your Design and Increases Conversions

The shape of the call-to-action button and the font can impact your conversion rates. Conversion experts haven’t found one specific shape of button to be the most effective, but it is true that most are rectangular, oval, or round. While it may be helpful to use an irregularly shaped call-to-action button to stand out from the crowd, simple shapes are very effective to use as well.

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