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Call Tracking and Web Analytics

December 28, 2012

How Successful is Your Marketing? Find out with Advanced Call Tracking and Comprehensive Web Analytics!

Improve ROI and Track the Results of Your Marketing Campaigns with Call Analytics and Call Tracking Services using Advanced Voice Marketing Technology

Brief Overview

Call Tracking & Analytics

Designed for agencies, businesses, and affiliates, Net-Craft offers comprehensive call tracking and call analytics to help businesses increase conversions, justify ad spending, boost effective advertising, and reduce ineffective advertising.

Net-Craft.com utilizes advanced technologies that offer a window into visitors’ actions and paths through your site. With Net-Craft.com, you will have a full report that details the exact path visitors take before they pick up the phone to call you. These detailed reports will include information on what actions visitors take before, during, and after the call is put in to your business.

Net-Craft.com provides a level of call tracking that allows for in-depth analysis of every keyword, advertisement, and click that motivates your website visitors to call you. Most of this will be automatically logged and recorded just 15 minutes after the initial setup.

What does Net-Craft.com Call Tracking and Analytics Track?

Online Tracking Capabilities

In order to test the effectiveness of each of your marketing campaigns, Net-Craft will provide insight into how visitors found your website, what they did when they were on your website, and which page prompted them to call you.

Reports will include the following information:

  • The number of phone calls generated per keyword
  • The referring domains with the best phone call conversions
  • Organic search vs. PPC traffic in producing phone conversions
  • The exact path the visitor followed on your website, the point that they decided to call you, and more!

Offline Tracking Capabilities

Unique telephone numbers will be assigned to each of your offline marketing campaigns or advertisements. Once the new numbers have been published, we will generate reports that will disclose the volume of calls from each campaign. The report will also provide insight into the quality of those calls. You can assign unique tracking numbers to any of the following offline marketing campaigns:

  • Billboards
  • Newspapers
  • Radio/TV
  • Magazines
  • Anywhere you use a phone number as a call to action!

How Does Online Call Tracking and Web Analytics Work?

Online Call Tracking and Analytics

Net-Craft.com tracks the path that each visitor takes before they make a call to provide you with valuable information about which marketing campaigns are most and least effective at generating phone call conversions. The setup process is fast and simple, typically requiring only about 15 minutes to complete.

Offline Call Tracking and Analytics

Net-Craft.com allows you to track the effectiveness of each of your offline advertising campaigns by assigning a unique telephone number to each campaign. You will be able to gain valuable data and metrics regarding each of your offline marketing campaigns, and the data will be collected and presented to you in a comprehensive report that will track the volume of calls each advertisement brings in and an analysis of the quality of each call.

This technique allows you to more accurately determine which offline advertising campaigns are the most effective at generating new leads and sales. Offline call tracking metrics include:

  • Data for each unique tracking number to analyze offline campaigns
  • Date and time of calls
  • Duration of calls
  • How calls are handled once they have been received

Key Features of ResponseTap Call Tracking and Analytics

Effective Visitor Level Call Tracking

Net-Craft.com offers a comprehensive visitor call tracking service that provides accurate reporting on every website visitor, how they found your website, and which pages were viewed by the visitor before, during, and after the call was made.

This service goes beyond keyword level tracking to include insight into every visitor’s actions on your website and the performance of your website traffic. This gives you a more accurate representation of your website’s performance.

Full Integration with Google Analytics

The solution seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to collect real-time data on your phone call conversions alongside your Google Analytics data. This level of integration allows you to access reports on which offline and online campaigns are generating the most conversions. Our call tracking analytics goes to the next level by allowing you to not only track goals with predefined information but also to understand how the phone calls originated. Our Google Analytics integration allows you to track phone call conversions to each visitor so that you can have a more full picture of your website’s performance.

Comprehensive Google Adwords Integration

The solution also fully integrates with Google Adwords so that you can make informed decisions on how much to spend on your Adwords campaigns based on keyword and the number of conversions generated by your ads. Net-Craft.com gives you a more complete view into your pay per click advertising campaigns, which includes the following information:

  • The number of phone calls generated by your Google Adwords campaign
  • The number of phone calls generated by each of your keywords
  • Average number of clicks made before the visitor places a phone call
  • Various visitor paths taken by visitors that find your website through an Adwords campaign and much more!

Tracking Leads & Sales with Visitor Call Tracking & Analytics

Net-Craft enables you to provide feedback on every call by rating it from a score of 1-9, by flagging it as a new lead, or by logging a sale. Once the customer hangs up from the call, the call is scored and other information is logged by using the telephone keypad, which requires no additional software or hardware.

All information gathered from the call is logged in real time. This will allow you to quickly discern which advertising sources are generating the most calls and the best quality calls.

URL Call Backs

The URL call back feature is an advanced feature for users that want to get the most from their call tracking service. This feature allows you to request (load) a specified URL with relevant data about a phone call. This webpage can then be programmed to perform a range of different functions including but not limited to the following:

  • Store data in a database
  • Send emails
  • Integrate with other web-based solutions
  • Making a light flash in a room
  • And much more!

The possibilities are virtually endless with ResponseTap’s URL call backs service. You can enable this feature at the beginning or end of a call, depending on the information required to perform the function.

Getting Started

Setup is Quick and Easy

Getting started is fast and simple, once the code has been installed within your website, Net-Craft.com will begin updating the pages with unique phone numbers to track the pages and path used by website visitors before they make a call. We will automatically begin to segment the data and metrics for you so that you can spend less time studying mountains of data and more time making informed decisions about increasing ROI from your marketing campaigns.

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