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Facebook New Graph Search Tool Makes Discovering Information Easier than Ever

February 12, 2013

Facebook recently launched a new tool called the Facebook Graph Search that allows users to search for information on almost anything. Facebook has compiled the data that it has gathered from users to create this much more advanced search function, which allows users to search for things as specific as “coffee shop in Miami that my friends like.” Graph Search is still in beta testing so the users that have access to the tool are still limited; however, Facebook will launch the tool to all users in the future.

How to Prepare Business Pages for the Facebook Graph Search Tool

The new search tool is set to improve the existing search function by removing certain limitations, and due to this, it will also impact business pages. There are several factors that will be important to business pages as the Facebook Graph Search Tool becomes mainstream. Businesses will need to focus on the popularity of their pages, as that will play into how pages rank in Google search. The rich database of information collected will impact search results including the number of likes the page has and the amount of engagement the page gets regularly. iPhone app developers in Scottsdale, AZ can help you create a custom app for your Facebook page to drive more engagement and traffic.

Should You Invest in Your Facebook Page?

Facebook recommends that businesses ensure that their pages are up-to-date and complete, so as to create a robust database of information for Facebook to use when sorting data to be used to direct search queries to appropriate pages. In addition, businesses can grow their pages by investing in them with Facebook ads, sponsored stories, and other advertising tactics. While Facebook currently does not have an ad format designed specifically for the new graph search tool, this will most likely be available in the future so that businesses can have an even wider selection of advertising options on Facebook.

Although Facebook’s Graph Search Tool is still in beta testing mode, you can sign up to try it now if you are interested in seeing how this new graph search will change Facebook search. Once you sign-up, you will be sent to a waitlist before you will be given access to the search tool.

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