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4 Ideas to Kick Start Your Marketing This Summer

4 Ideas to Kick Start Your Marketing This Summer

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to kick your marketing into high gear! If you’ve been looking for new ways to reach your customers, utilize a few of these marketing methods and techniques to bring more awareness to your products/services and loyalty to your brand.

Offer a Summer Promotion

Summer is a great time of year to offer special deals because people are open to exploring new things and discovering new products and services. Make sure that the deal that you offer is enticing enough to turn heads and encourage people to look twice. For example, you might create a deal that offers free shipping on all orders or a buy one get one free offer. These summer deals can help you reach new people and encourage repeat business.

Update Your Photo Gallery

Have you updated what you offer your customers? If you’ve recently started offering a new product or service, make sure that your photos are all up to date. Review the photos that are currently in your gallery and retake any that many need to be updated. A breathtaking image can instantly draw people to check out what you have to offer.

Create Fresh Content

As summer rolls in, ramp up your content creation to provide visitors some exciting new information and updates on new arrivals, events, specials, and anything else they might find interesting. A blog is a great way to keep people updated, but you may also want to consider creating an eBook, writing articles or even guest blogging on another website that caters to your audience.

Refresh Your Information

Your customers want to stay up-to-date with the latest information about your business, and so do the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In order to keep your visitors updated, make sure that you regularly add new content to your website, update links, and refresh the information on your website to build better rankings on the search engines.

Once you put a few of these ideas into motion, you will be able to increase your visibility and encourage repeat business with your existing customer base. Do you have any ideas for kicking your summer marketing up a notch? If so, we’d love to hear them!

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