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How are Your Visitors Engaging with Your Website?

How are Your Visitors Engaging with Your Website?

June 6, 2013

Once you’ve built a website for your business, it is important to monitor your visitors are interacting with the website to make the most of your web presence. As website development has evolved, visitors’ ability to interact and engage with websites has improved tremendously. By understanding how visitors are engaging with your website, you can make good decisions and learn how to leverage your web presence to provide more value to your customers.

Understanding Key Metrics in Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics can help you gain valuable insight into how your visitors are responding to your website and the actions that they take once they arrive on your website. There are certain indicators that are very important to note when you are reviewing your analytics data.

• Bounce Rate: Your website’s bounce rate will reveal how often visitors click the back button or immediately exit your page after they arrive. A website with better engagement will have a lower bounce rate than a website with low engagement. It may also help to look at which pages result in the highest bounce rate to see if there is a way that you can improve the page to keep visitors engaged.
• New vs. Returning Visitors: This metric can tell you whether your visitors are coming back for more after they visit your site for the first time. An increase in return visits shows that you are providing a valuable experience to your visitors and indicates high engagement.
• Visit Duration: Keep track of the average amount of time that visitors are spending on your site. More time spent on your website indicates that you are providing valuable content to your visitors and a positive user experience.

While there are many metrics available to peruse in Google Analytics, keep an eye on these indicators to make sure that your engagement level stays high. You can also use Google Analytics to set specific goals and to see how often visitors are completing those goals, which can be helpful in evaluating how effective your website is in converting idle visitors into customers.

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