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How Small Businesses can Use Pinterest to Drive More Sales

How Small Businesses can Use Pinterest to Drive More Sales

June 6, 2013

Pinterest offers a variety of opportunities for businesses. As one of the most popular and fastest growing social media sites, businesses that have a visual component can benefit tremendously from an established presence on Pinterest. If your customer base is predominantly female, you have an online store, or you feel that your customers would enjoy interacting with your business via Pinterest, this guide will help you start marketing on this social network.

Set Up Your Pinterest Page

When you claim your Pinterest page, use your business name or a shortened version of it as your URL to help people more easily find it through the search function. You will need to upload a profile photo, which can be either your company logo, an image that represents your brand, or a picture of yourself. You will also need to write a description of your business for the about section, include a link to your website, and input your location if applicable.

Create Boards with Google in Mind – And Start Pinning!

Pinterest is a virtual pin board, so you will be creating a variety of boards and then “pinning” different images to those boards. You may want to create boards that represent a category or group, e.g., for a retail store that sells accessories, you may create boards for jewelry, belts, wallets, handbags, sunglasses, etc. As you begin to build your page, make sure to fill up your boards with interesting images before you create more boards. It’s better to have a few boards that are full of high quality images than many boards with only a few images.

When you start pinning, make sure that your descriptions incorporate keywords that your customers might use to search for your products. Also, if you have an online store, make sure that the photos to the products that you have for sale link directly back to your website so that users can click the item on Pinterest and then visit your website to make a purchase.

Promote Your Pinterest Page

Once you have the basics mapped out for your page, it’s time to start engaging with other people to grow a following on Pinterest. You can do this several ways. One of the best ways to drive people to your Pinterest page is to promote it on your other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc. You can also place a button on your website to encourage people to follow you on Pinterest. Make sure to include a Pinterest button wherever you are currently advertising your other social media channels, such as brochures, email newsletters, direct mail, etc. You may also want to include Pin It buttons on your website to make it easy for users to pin images from your website to their Pinterest page.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you can sit back and enjoy the power of Pinterest! Happy Pinning!
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