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10 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

10 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

Increasing your conversion rate is the most vital factor in accomplishing online success. It essentially means you are getting the visitors to your website to do what you want. Many companies struggle with converting website visitors into loyal customers. Here are 10 simple tips for increasing conversion rates on your website.

1. Improve the Usability of Your Website

Usability just means how well a visitor can utilize your website. Simply put, if your website is easy to use, that means it’s easy to use to make purchases. If a customer wants to buy, they should be able to easily see how. Your website should make it as quick and easy as possible to get the product.

2. Make Sure Your Website Runs at Optimal Speed

It has been proven that consumers are likely to leave slowly loading pages in favor of sites that run at optimal speed. Improving your website’s page load times can increase conversion rates by giving your visitors the best possible experience and easing their frustration. You can increase load speed by eliminating the unnecessary and making sure your site is being hosted by the right company and the right software.

3. Enable Mobile Capabilities

A few years ago mobile internet was just a novelty, but now it has become essential for companies to have a mobile capable site. Many consumers use their mobile devices to make purchases and not having this option for consumers can greatly reduce conversions.

4. Use Trust and Credibility Symbols

With identity theft and digital fraud so prevalent it is important for customers to feel they are making a secure purchase. Trust symbols give your potential customer assurance by showing a lack of risk; examples of trust symbols would be secure checkout logos and safe site logos. Credibility symbols also lend to consumer peace of mind; such as adding logos from brands you’ve worked with or organizations of which you are a member.

5. Provide Information about Your Company

Make it easy for the potential customer to find out information about the company behind the product. Have an “About us” section with the mission of the company clearly stated. This helps distinguish you from competitors and helps people build a connection by knowing your story.

6. Offer Lots of Product Photos and/or a Long Product Description

You can generate a lot of trust by providing as much information about the product as possible. Customers want to get a good feel for what their purchase is actually like before they ever lay hands on it. Amazingly detailed descriptions can compel a customer to purchase.

7. Include a Strong Call to Action

Your call to action; such as “Add to shopping cart” or “Buy now” is what directs the consumer to make a purchase. Language, context and design are all influential for the call to action on your website; make sure the call to action is clear and that it is located in an obvious place on your page.

8. Simplify Your Website

Remove any extras, such as unnecessary links, pictures or verbiage that would distract from your call to action and influence the consumer to leave your sales page.

9. Offer a Variety of Payment Options

Customers like to have options when it comes to paying online, some prefer to pay by credit card, others like Paypal, while some still like to pay by electronic check. If you want to increase your conversions make sure you have as many payment options available to your customer as possible.

10. Clearly State Return Policies Before Purchase

Your return policy can make or break a sale; consumers want to make sure that they can reach out to someone if there is a problem with their purchase. Make sure your return policies are fair and that they are easily to find and understand.