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Is Outdoor Advertising Keeping Pace with Technology? A New Breakthrough Could Change Everything

Is Outdoor Advertising Keeping Pace with Technology? A New Breakthrough Could Change Everything

September 13, 2013

Outdoor advertising, while it does have some capabilities to incorporate new digital technology, is still resistant to dynamic interactions with the community. Since this medium has been slow to change, there are few ways that advertisers can incorporate a more interactive platform into their billboard advertisements, which makes it more difficult to utilize this form of advertising for interactive purposes.

Near Field Communication – The Next Step for Billboard Advertising

A new breakthrough in billboard technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) could have a resounding impact on the ability of consumers to interact with billboards. Some of the capabilities of this new billboard system include dispensing coupons or targeting ads depending on the person that is walking past it. They may also use this new technology to bypass billboards altogether and simply transmit offers to your mobile device when you are within a certain distance of the transmitter.

Outdoor Advertising Gains New Ways to Reach People through Content with NFC

This technology makes it possible to transmit data within a certain space (typically just a few inches). Mobile phone makers have been quick to adopt the technology, and Samsung has already begun to incorporate it into their devices. Apple has not confirmed whether their new iPhone or any subsequent versions will contain this technology, but it is rumored that the new iPhone 5S to be launched within the next month or so will include NFC. If they do include NFC in the new Apple iPhone, outdoor advertisers will gain access to a whole new spectrum of ways to reach their audience through content. While this provides a new means for advertisers to reach consumers, it is still unclear whether the technology will have “staying power,” according to Suzanne Grimes, president and COO of Clear Channel Outdoors America.