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Mobile Marketing: The Ultimate Direct Response Advertising Tool

Mobile Marketing: The Ultimate Direct Response Advertising Tool

September 13, 2013

Since mobile users spend so much time with their phones, mobile marketing has become an excellent tool for businesses to reach their customers. There are a number of benefits to using mobile marketing. Following is a list of some of those benefits:

Instantly Connect with Customers

You can reach your customers instantly after sending a mobile message. Within seconds, you can get a response to your marketing communications, and even If the customer is away from the phone, they will see it as soon as they look at their phone again.

Mobile is 100% Opt-In

Other forms of marketing, such as direct mail, usually require businesses to purchase a list of contacts and to market to all of those contacts. Instead with mobile marketing, you can reach only those users who have expressed interest in your products and have opted to receive special offers on their mobile devices.

Affordable & Effective

Mobile marketing can usually be incorporated into your marketing strategy very affordably, which makes it an ideal way to reach existing customers for businesses of all sizes. In addition, mobile marketing is also very effective with as much as a 93% open rate and a 15% response rate.

Easy Tracking & Monitoring

With mobile marketing, it is easy to track responses to your offer, and it can also be used to track responses to other marketing campaigns.

Flexibility & Personalization

Users can receive your mobile messages any time of the day, any day of the year, which gives you more flexibility in how you craft your campaigns. You can contact your customers several times with new special offers to keep your business top of mind. Since only customers who have opted in to receive mobile messages will receive your communications, there are more ways to personalize your messages to improve response rates as well.