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3 Ways to Create Share Worthy Content

3 Ways to Create Share Worthy Content

November 19, 2013

The degree of social importance that content has is becoming more widely understood as the idea that likes, shares, +1’s, retweets, and various other social signals’ impact on SEO performance comes to the forefront of discussion. In light of these new developments, creating share worthy content is a must. Below are a few tips to help you create standout content that will help you grow your rankings along with your social audience.

Find out What Makes Your Audience Tick

Look at related stories that have reached a wider audience and model your content after those. Make sure to come up with a new, fresh take on the content you are providing, while still using the tactics that “hooked” the audience in the first place. Grab their attention with a catchy but accurate headline. People share compelling information that they find useful, so make sure that you are providing useful, compelling information. Reviewing what your target audience has already shared will give you an idea of what they will share in the future. You’ll also want to make your content as easy as possible to share with social media plug-in buttons on your website.

Harness the Trends

Your audience should already be somewhat interested in the message you’re trying to get across. Focus on what is trending on social sites. If your story is not being shared on social sites, you are missing out on an extremely valuable resource. Take a look at hashtag trends through http://hashtagify.me to see what topics are trending on Twitter. Choose your keywords carefully. You should already have a strong presence on social media sites, and creating share worthy content will only serve to reinforce and grow your audience.

Make the Main Points Pop

Make sure your audience can take away your intended message as quickly and easily as possible. Provide graphics, bulleted points, etc., things that make it easy for your audience to take away information without actually having to take extra time to do heavy duty reading. According to Website Magazine, “On average, articles that include relevant pictures or info-graphics produce 94 percent more total views than those without,”. That’s an immense difference in views.

Graphs, photos, bullet points and numbered lists provide a quick takeaway and lead to a greater amount of shares. Your company should already have someone dedicated to creating unique, visually stimulating images and graphics. Take photos of the area, product, or service you are selling and overlay those with simple graphics (like your company’s logo) and text (a phone number or website where they can acquire what you are selling). Different apps such as InstaCollage or websites like ribbet.com make this very easy to do. Stock photos and boring graphs do very little to increase your company’s reputation and rarely get shared.

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