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3 Tips for improving your eCommerce Website

3 Tips for improving your eCommerce Website

Creating an intuitive, user-friendly eCommerce experience has paved the way for businesses of all sizes to capitalize on the burgeoning market for online shopping. Customers now have more options than ever before when evaluating where to make their purchases, so it is more important than ever before to set yourself and your business apart by designing an optimal web-based experience for your customers. Following are three tips to help you improve your eCommerce website so that you can increase sales and keep your customers coming back for more.

Creating a More User Oriented Experience

Shopping online from the comfort of your couch is becoming the most popular way to shop for many people. Providing easy, informative touch and go navigation encourages people to stick around and browse your products while also providing the information that they need to make an informed buying decision. Having simple navigation tools on your eCommerce site can help become a catalyst for impulse buyers as they browse for the one item they originally came to your site for in the first place. Offering the comfort of safety and security during any checkout process promotes good sales. Typically eCommerce sites will offer the optional capability to pay for their products using PayPal. Having a third party securing the consumer’s personal information is like offering them a warm cup of cocoa and a blanket at check out.

Invest In Mobile to Reach Out to Everyone

Nowadays, desktops are becoming more obsolete, and more people than ever before are using their mobile devices and tablets to shop online. Since everyone appears to be on the go, shouldn’t you be at their fingertips at all times? Launching a mobile option for your eCommerce site is crucial. Offering the capability of shopping anytime anywhere is a great option to the person always on the go. A mobile version of your website or a mobile app gives potential or return customers the opportunity to have what they want when they want it. It’s an entirely new way to improve and promote impulse buying. Most people browse the Internet out of boredom. Why not have a mobile app to be there to save the day and offer some retail therapy, all in good company.

Incentivize Your Customers to Keep them Coming Back for More

A helpful tool to better improve your eCommerce website is to provide other products that are complimentary to the item(s) they are currently viewing or have already added to their shopping cart. Allowing promotional codes on your site will also better influence customers to buy more. Since everyone loves a good deal, offering free shipping to orders over a particular dollar amount will gently push the consumer to buy just a little bit more. Incentives, frequent buyer perks or even allowing a customer the feeling of VIP status is a great way to rope them in. With incentive programs, your eCommerce site has the opportunity to flourish with new customers. You will be able to turn your new customers into repeat customers. Keep your customers happy and coming back for more with perks, values, and statuses while you benefit from the revenue increases and buyer loyalty generated by an outstanding eCommerce user experience.

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