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A Look into Amazon’s eCommerce Strategy

A Look into Amazon’s eCommerce Strategy

March 26, 2014

In the digital retail world, Amazon is king. Amazon offers an abundance of quality products and an easy to navigate customer check out center. Let’s not stop there; Amazon also offers a superb ecommerce strategy that every business could learn from. Both smaller retailers and equally impressive, larger retailers comparable to Amazon should take a look into Amazon’s ecommerce strategy and see what makes them a top player in the online retail space.

Outstanding Customer Service

When it comes to meeting a customer’s needs, Amazon does it right. Amazon allows you to navigate their site in full confidence that you can have a pleasant experience all your own, knowing that someone is right there to hold your hand if you need it. If you happen to need help, they have 3 tiers of categories to allow you to follow the correct path to find the answer you need without having to scroll through a 10,000 item list that still leaves you empty handed. They definitely put the customer first; so much in fact, the owner Jeff Bezos, requires all employees to revisit the experience of the customer services lines every two years to remind them of how important customers are to a business.

All-Time Prime Perks

In addition to Amazon’s amazing customer service, they have upped the ante by offering Amazon Prime Membership. A Prime account offers loyalty benefits such as Amazon’s Instant Video and FREE two-day shipping on products. Plus, there is great news if you are a Kindle owner; Prime includes access to the Landing Library. Amazon doesn’t haggle about signing users up for Prime, again they let you do the deciding. They kindly show what your savings could be with a Prime account when you view items in your online shopping bag.

Helpful Reviews

Most people enjoy having the opportunity to openly share their opinion. Amazon offers different ways to review. They offer a star rating of 1 through 5. This offers a visual if something is truly a good buy without having to go through and read every review. The star chart also has a table chart paired with it to show how many people chose which star rating 1 through 5. Just because an item may have a 4.5 star doesn’t mean everyone rated that product at 4.5. In addition to the visuals, customers can also leave a comment with their review to explain their experience with the product. It doesn’t stop there, the comment section also gives readers the ability to respond with if their review was helpful or not and reply to comments to ask for clarification on certain reviews. Then, even the reviews get their own reviews via a rating system.

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