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Designing a Website? Let the Pros Handle It

Designing a Website? Let the Pros Handle It

July 18, 2014

Building a website has never been easier for the average person. Even if you’ve never coded anything before and don’t know what it is, you can make a website that will “wow” your visitors and bring in the big bucks. Or at least that’s what the dozens of website building services would like you to believe. However, even if “designing” a website is a piece of cake thanks to all these tools, you still would be much better off in the long run if you turn to a professional designer.

Saving Money, or Wasting Time?

The most obvious reason people turn to website builders is because they seem to be a much more cost-effective option. Why pay thousands of dollars for a professional designer when you can do it yourself for practically nothing? While the idea of saving a boatload of money in the short term is plenty to attract budding website owners to these services, you need to consider what you are going to get out of the site in the long run. You might save a lot of money now, but your own design might not bring in any money either. Not to mention that those hours you spent dragging and dropping elements of your website could have been better spent developing a stronger business plan.

A Better User Experience

The main problem with allowing an amateur to build your website, whether through website building tools or not, is the lack of experience. Novice designers and website owners often rely on gut instinct to drive their design decisions. They choose colors, layouts, and wording based on what they think looks good. A professional designer will choose these elements based on what they know works.

With a professional designer, you can expect a website that will deliver exactly what your users are looking for. Experienced designers understand exactly what drives customers to click on calls to action and buy products or inquire about services. Although you’ll be spending more money up front, your professional web design will bring in a lot more money in the long run.

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