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How to Plan Your Weekly Social Media Campaign in Just a Few Minutes

How to Plan Your Weekly Social Media Campaign in Just a Few Minutes

With a well-thought strategy and a few helpful tools, you can conquer the social media world! Revamp your social media platforms with proper engagement. Incorporate links and photographs that are relatable to the content you are adding. Share smartly as to always bring your viewers back to you and out of the hands of your competition, utilize the best scheduling tool for your needs, be engaging while thorough, and be timely with correspondence.

Step 1: Decide What You Want to Share

There are two types of content for you to select from, curated content and your own original content. Your personal content can be comprised of different ‘How To’ blogs, including tips and successful steps, and general information about your services offered and your products available. Curated content is considered anything you acquire from any source besides yourself. Make sure to always include proper attribution when sharing content created by other sources.

Step 2: Choose a Scheduling Tool

Find the perfect scheduling tool for you. Several of these scheduling tools are free and relatively inexpensive. Do you find better engagement opportunities on Twitter? Try TweetDeck, for example, for a convenient way to schedule tweets as well as monitor your stream. If you are using several platforms, Sprout Social is right up your alley offering convenience, organization, and simple editing.

Step 3: Write Interesting Social Copy

Being creative with your content will better entice viewers to opt to engage with and share your content. Several ways to drive more interest in your content is to be inviting and post interesting information that your audience finds compelling. Ask questions and use wonderful photos to grab attention.

Step 4: Check Back in to Engage with Your Audience through the Week

After you schedule your content, go back to check your work and progress. Social platforms are very time sensitive in some cases. Try to be timely with your responses and reward your audience for “stopping by” and being involved. To stay on top of things, try using direct alerts from the social networks you are utilizing.