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3 Tips to Improve Click Through Rates and Engagement in Your Email Marketing Campaign

3 Tips to Improve Click Through Rates and Engagement in Your Email Marketing Campaign

Creating an email marketing campaign that generates results can be more challenging than it seems. Cultivating a loyal email marketing readership is key, but to do that, you need to design insightful and compelling content as well as good visuals to keep the reader intrigued. Email marketing success is typically measured in terms of open rates and click through rates, and you can optimize for these metrics by utilizing the following three tips.

Pro Tip 1: Connect with the Reader

Humanize the content in your email and design it to connect with the reader. Talk to your email readership like you would speak to a colleague or a friend (adjust this advice depending on how formal or informal your industry is). For example, a clothier that specializes in children’s attire should talk to mothers and fathers in the language that they are most used to hearing to connect with them and encourage more clicks. Conversely, email newsletters designed to go out to investors on Wall Street would be written in a completely different tone. Make sure to personalize where you can and speak your target audience’s language.

Pro Tip 2: Be Mobile Friendly

If your newsletter isn’t responsive, it’s time to update your template. A responsive email template can work wonders for click through rates because something that looks great on a desktop can look miniscule on a mobile phone or tablet. Since people are on their phones all the time and use their phones and tablets as a primary means to check email, make sure that you are providing a good user experience on every device by optimizing your newsletter for mobile users.

Pro Tip 3: Find the Lines that Matter and Make them Exceptional

There are three main lines that are most important in any email marketing campaign: the subject line, the first line of the email, and the from line. Make sure to optimize all three of these lines and spend enough time to make them memorable, compelling, and insightful. Grab your readers’ attention with a great subject line, and then draw them in by asking a question as the first line of your sentence. When you ask questions, people are more likely to engage with your content as they automatically begin to think of the answer.

Apply these 3 tips to your email marketing campaigns to see your results explode and your readers engaging with your content in a whole new way.

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