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3 Popular SEO Terms that You Need to Know

3 Popular SEO Terms that You Need to Know

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a popular term you may have heard thrown around at marketing conferences or while reading the news. Although everyone isn’t an SEO expert, it’s important to have a general understanding of basic terms, so next time you hire an “SEO Expert,” you can discern for yourself whether that money is going to good use. Here are five popular SEO terms for businesses.

1. Keyword

Many SEO practices emphasize keyword, as they are the basis of how you connect with your customers in the search engines. Selecting the right keywords is paramount to your SEO success, and most practiced SEO gurus will take a measured approach to determining which keywords are best to use when optimizing your site. Factors they may evaluate include competitiveness, search volume, intent behind using that search term, etc. “Keyword Density” refers to the percentage of times a keyword appears in an article or blog, while “Keyword Stuffing” refers to the overuse of keywords in a text, for which an article might be penalized by the search engines or marked as spam. In general, keywords basically help the search engines relate your content to your customers.

2. Links

Links are another very important component of SEO, as they act as markers of your site’s popularity in the eyes of Google. Links are the building blocks of search engines, the foundation on which we discover new and useful information. In SEO, the term “Link Building” is a common topic of conversation as it relates to the number and quality of links pointing back to your website. Conversely, internal links, and the way in which they are structured on your website, relays to the search engine how your site is mapped out and how your content relates to each other.

3. Duplicate Content

Fresh, unique content is paramount to a successful marketing campaign. Duplicate Content is often seen in the eyes of search engines as plagiarism, and as a result, knocks down your site’s rankings. This is why it’s important to create a thoughtful content strategy targeted to your customer base. Search engines place a higher value on original content, and if you create meaningful articles, you can bolster your rankings as a result.

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