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3 Tips to Improve Your Website

3 Tips to Improve Your Website

Customers consider your website a reflection of your business. That’s why many experts believe the key to a business’s online success rides on the content, design, and usability of its website. Here are four tips to improve your existing website so your business excels online.

1. Keep Your Site Fresh

Due to busy schedules, many business owners let their sites fall to the wayside, writing one or two articles and never looking at it again. Consider this: As your website is, oftentimes, the first point of contact between you and the customer, it’s important to capitalize on the information your present to them. This could mean the difference between turning someone into a lifelong customer or deterring them forever.

Create well-researched, relevant articles and information on your site. Update your blog regularly with industry news and expert advice. Not only will your potential customers thank you, Google will thank you, too, as they tend to prefer regularly, original content over outdated news.

2. Be Available

A “Contact Us” page became standard on a website long ago. People expect readily available contact details, including e-mail and your phone number. It doesn’t hurt to plaster your phone number across your site, sticking it on your navigation bar for easy access.

3. Promote Your Website Across Platforms

Are you using social media? Do you use business cards? If the answer is “yes,” your website should be readily available on each of these mediums, and on every subsequent medium. Networking with customers and/ or potential clients in this way brands the image of your business in their minds.

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