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Improve E-Commerce Conversions with These 5 Steps

Improve E-Commerce Conversions with These 5 Steps

One of the most important aspects of your e-commerce site is its ability to convert users into customers. Ensure that your e-commerce site is easily navigated and offers useful tools so that potential customers follow through with their purchases more often. Apply the following five strategies to help boost your conversions.

1. Offer Incentives

Everyone loves a great deal, whether it be a coupon for a set dollar amount off, a percentage of some kind, or even a seasonal special. Savings are a major selling point for many people. More often than not, if someone can save the equivalent of their proposed shipping costs, they will follow through with a sale. Offer monthly incentives via online social advertising and also in email blasts to bring back past customers.

2. Promote with Urgency

You can accelerate purchasing cycles by using a simple tactic known as the “take away”. Showing low-stocked items and featuring items with the title of “limited time only” will pull sales by creating urgency in the buying process.

3. Create Great Product Pages with Engaging Features

The product page of an e-commerce site is technically a virtual hanging rack and shelf. Sites that offer top-notch product pictures, such as photographs of models wearing the featured product with a 360 degree view and/or a video to show how the item fits hangs or moves, will offer customers a better view of the product they will be purchasing.

4. Online Help

Several e-commerce sites lose sales due to consumers having unanswered questions or technical difficulties. By simply adding a live chat option on the landing page can save a sale and will promote engagement with consumers.

5. Prove Your E-Commerce Website’s Worth

Make sure that you convey trustworthiness to your customers throughout their experience with your online store. Offer premium security with transaction sites such as PayPal to make the consumer more comfortable about charging their debit or credit card. Communicating that you are trustworthy and will safeguard their private information will remove the hesitation that customers may otherwise have about purchasing from your store.

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