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Learn How to Utilize Push Messaging in Social Media Apps: Easy, Fast, Effective

Learn How to Utilize Push Messaging in Social Media Apps: Easy, Fast, Effective

Push messaging in social media apps is a two-way street. You want to be able to drive the user’s engagement without irritating your users. We are going to take a closer look at push notifications and how the biggest names in social media apps use push notifications, both their successes and failures.

First Up, Facebook

Naturally, the Facebook app is quite the oversharer, especially for Android, where the push notifications are turned on initially. Of course, we can all benefit from a birthday notifications, but do users necessarily want to know when a friend likes someone’s post, comments on someone’s post or uploads a photo? No, not really. The level of push notifications is determined by what kind of user you are. For example, casual Facebook users will find them nagging and irritating and then o the other hand serious and involved Facebook users may find them encouraging. Facebook’s ultimate goal here should be to better customize push notifications based off of your interests. Hopefully this can continue to evolve over time. In addition, Facebook has a notification settings panel from inside the app that makes it easy to customize notifications. Having a settings panel that is easy to locate is a forward step in the right direction.

And Then There’s Twitter

Twitter gets a mild slap on the wrist compared to Facebook when it comes to push notifications. Considering that Twitter users rely heavily on live updates, it is essential for Twitter to assume you would want to have immediate notifications to keep you up to date as well as up to speed with the rest of the Twitter-verse. Twitter is on the way with making their push notifications a tad more sophisticated so to speak. For example, their push notification can alert you that someone followed you, and it gives you the opportunity to follow back or send a Tweet. Twitter, much like Facebook has plenty of helpful options for personal push notification settings.


Instagram is pretty low key. They provide push notification settings that show you comments and likes on your pictures. Instagram offers a customization option that lets you be in charge of what you are notified with.


LinkedIn is relatively tame, like Instagram. They offer plenty of option to help you customize what you do and don’t want to see. They mainly focus on account activity and engagement.


Pinterest allows for their push notifications to be far off in another land or up close and in your face. Their notifications revolve around pin likes, repins, or customized options.


Snapchat is the simplest of them all! They only send out one notification showing you that you have been sent a snap. Snapchat is the only social app that doesn’t force-feed you with push notifications because it doesn’t have any!

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