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How to Use App Store Optimization for Higher App Rankings

How to Use App Store Optimization for Higher App Rankings

September 30, 2015

Apps are all the rage for smartphone users these days. There are statistics which show how app users initially found the app for download, whether via word of mouth, in-app advertisement or from an app store. The majority of app users find their apps of interest directly within app stores. Learn how to stand out against the rest with app store optimization, also known as ASO.

ASO Explained

App store optimization (ASO) is a process in which the visibility of a mobile app in an app marketplace becomes improved by using search engine optimization techniques (SEO). Common app marketplaces are Google Play for Android users and Apple’s App Store for iPhone users.

1. Use Simple Keywords, No Fluff

In the same sense in which keywords are used for search engine optimization for web pages, the same process is a prized practice when trying to rank higher in app marketplaces. When marketing a mobile application, you must insert keywords naturally so they are represented as if they belong in the text, not forced (fluffed). Incorporate your keywords in the titles and descriptions to make the text “roll off the tongue”. To learn which keywords and phrases work best, test them over time to see which collaboration brings more attention.

2. Category Placement

Along with a well-written description of the mobile application, it is also important to have the app fall within the appropriate categories. Placing an app in an appropriate category classification will allow the app to appear within relevant searches made by those seeking out a particular type of app or function of the app. For example, for a sleep sound machine app, you would want to classify your app as being a sleep aid, zen sounds, sleep machine, etc.

3. Procure Good Ratings

Improve your app store optimization efforts by also working on your ratings (the good ones). The more good ratings you obtain, the higher the star ranking. The higher the star ranking will show those looking for an app like yours that yours is shown efficient and holds quality. Thoroughly test mobile apps to ensure users have an enjoyable experience. You are more likely to catch bugs and fix them quickly prior to an app launch if you vigorously test the app in advance. This will also reduce the risk of a bad review and entice users to leave good feedback. Another way to obtain users ratings is to have an in-app prompt asking the user how they are enjoying their experience.

Using these three best practices for app store optimization will help aid you in getting your mobile app ranked higher while gaining positive feedback.

If you would like to learn more about increasing your app visibility with app store optimization techniques, please contact Net-Craft.com today.