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8 Essential Elements Every Website Should Encompass

8 Essential Elements Every Website Should Encompass

Content is first and foremost. However, you will need more than content to turn your website guests from visitors to leads.

Analytics play a fundamental role in evaluating whether your website needs a renovation. Are visitors leaving contact information for follow-ups? Are your visitors not spending time on your targeted pages? If so, refurbishing your website might be the solution.

You’re in charge of your sites future. You can redesign your site to get the most out of your viewer traffic.

Here are eight ways your site can perform more efficiently.

1. Branding
Your brand should be a consistent, positive association with your website. Branding is critical to your web design. Every aspect of your website should be compatible with your brand. This is your opportunity to make a lasting impression on your visitor. Take advantage!

2. Evidence of Satisfaction
Your site should display clear evidence of customer satisfaction. Show your visitor why it is beneficial to work with your company. Provide proof to your visitors of the excellent services your business offers. Include positive reviews and customer testimonials. Social evidence is an active component for today’s website viewer.

3. Signs of Authority
Authority is a sign of assurance. People need assurance to trust. Authority is associated with professionalism and dependability. Be smart about self-promotion on your site. Include honors and noteworthy clientele. Present visuals that associate with authority such as trust seals or awards of excellence your company has received. Those components make your products more appealing to your visitors.

4. Social Media Presence
Social media is a powerful tool. Make all of your social media accounts readily available on your site. Allow your viewers to effortlessly find your accounts and stay connected. Include links and badges to your social media accounts under contact information.

5. Trouble-Free Navigation
Make your site’s layout easy to navigate. If your design is complicated, your visitors are unlikely to stay. Your menus and links should be straightforward and obvious. Visitors should be able to direct themselves based on the simplicity of your website arrangement.

6. Calls to Action
Give your visitor a reason to take action. Tell your guests how to visit your site. Include links that will entice your visitor to make a decision. (Example: Click here for a special offer) Convince your visitor to stay engaged by signing-up for your site’s monthly deals and promotions.

7. Compatible Design
It’s 2016. You need to anticipate that more than half of your visitors may be using their cell-phones. Your web design and site layout needs to be compatible with cell-phones and ensure the site will display correctly and to its full potential.

8. Visual Support
Visuals such as graphics, images and videos attract the attention of your website visitors. An explanation of what your company does is not sufficient. Images should support your idea. Include videos of your product in use or images of a pleased customer.

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