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5 Steps to Better Map Rankings

5 Steps to Better Map Rankings

Nowadays, when every business is striving to create an online presence for themselves, it is essential that you have an x-factor or an edge over others which makes you stand out from the rest of the online businesses.

No doubt that map rankings have proven to act as a catalyst to drive customers to business and create revenue, it seems as though a number ofsmall establishments have neglected this factor to create a place for themselves online.

You being one of them? Here are few 5 steps to get yourself a sure listing digitally.

1. GMB Listing Setup:

First and foremost, do some groundwork for getting listed successfully in GMB (Google My Business). Make sure that your business is listed on Google. Use the real name by which your business is running rather than using any sort of keyword. The addresses and contact information should be same as available on your website.

Fill out your work hours in the correct category. Setting up properly is an integral part to get yourself listed on GMB and ensures optimum outcome for local search optimization.

2. Links:

Building inbound links are as important for better map rankings as it is for local search engine optimization. You can opt for a number of strategies for inbound link building which can give you a competitive edge over your business rivals. Get involved in seminars conferences, make sure you are mentioned on their sites which will link to your website. A number of ways can be chosen.

3. Picture Tagging:

How you take pictures is also of utter importance when you are improving your GMB listing. Adding pictures is pretty much done by every business but the point to ponder is how to gain an edge over others in this area, the best answer, your mobile phone. Yes, switch on your local settings and then snap pictures. The actual location including both longitude and latitude will be embedded in those images and when you are using those pictures on your site it will boost up your listing for sure. You can also add geo-data to the previous taken pictures.

4. Credentials:

Credentials or citations are the way the information of your business address, contact numbers etc. appears throughout the web in the search directories. Inbound links have reduced the importance of these as compared to previous times but it is important step nonetheless. These can be utilized as tiered links as well as text diversification. A number of niche directories and specific location directories can be used to list your business.

5. Properties of Google:

You are well aware of the many services provided by Google. Interlinking your profiles to these services can give you a fruitful opportunity to get into the Google 3-pack. Use Google Plus, YouTube, Picasa to create a link with your website.

When you set up and engage on Google’s social media and create presence for yourself, you will be able to engage with various partners like Reddit, Meetup etc and it will boost up your Google profile resulting in better rankings.

Follow these steps and you can appear possibly in the Google 3-pack!

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