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Website Loading Speed Facts Every Website Owner Should Know

Website Loading Speed Facts Every Website Owner Should Know

December 20, 2018

Google realized the importance of website speed in 2010. That’s when they announced speed would affect search rankings. Web developers realize it too. That’s why the number of tools for improving site speed keeps increasing.

However, most website owners have catching up to do. Research shows the average desktop web page takes 9.3 seconds to load. And if you think this is too much, wait till you hear the average mobile page load time — 22 seconds. So why does this happen?

Well, gauging your actual load time can be difficult. And most owners don’t realize how impactful website speed can be. Many people wouldn’t assume one-tenth of a second could make a difference, but research shows it does.

To help out, the Hosting Tribunal put together all the website speed facts you need to know into the insightful infographic below. With it, you’ll never again wonder how load times reflect on your website.

To give you a preview, we can tell you that 54% of visitors leave a page that takes over 3 seconds to load. And this is not the only way load times influence traffic. Slower websites rank lower in searches, get fewer recurring visitors, and might get a bad reputation.

If you run your business online, you can expect each second of delay to reduce your conversion rate by 7%. This might not be so bad if your site loads in 2 seconds. But if it takes 9.3, or even 22, your profits will suffer.

Luckily, all the recent software advances make optimizing website speed easy. And if you are interested in all the specifics about how improving speed affects your site, take a look at the infographic below. With it, your website will reach its full potential in no time.