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5 Hot Tips to Boost the Performance of Your Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

5 Hot Tips to Boost the Performance of Your Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

Google AdWords is probably the easiest way to quickly attract quality visitors to your web site. However just because it is easy does not mean that your AdWord campaign cannot be tweaked so you are not wasting money.

In this article, we have included five tips for maximizing the performance of your ad campaign.

1. Include “negative keywords” in your pay-per-click ad campaign.

As most know, there are search terms and keywords that determine where each pay-per-click ad you run will be displayed. There are, however, keywords that you, the advertiser, can specifically leave out from your PPC campaign. These keywords are referred to as “negative keywords”, and they encourage your platform to avoid displaying ads on a search result page that are given when these terms are entered by the user.

2. Get additional control over pay-per-click ad campaigns by using the “Iceberg Effect”.

The keywords that you are targeting and the search term that you pay for do not always line the way we want them to. We often see the “Iceberg Effect” in action. The “Iceberg Effect” is where assorted search terms under the surface are placed onto the keywords that we believe are working correctly in our ad campaigns. Your search-to-keyword ratio becomes unhealthy from this effect. Your ratio can end up being something like this:

Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) can help you gain control of your search-to-keyword ratio. When this occurs, your clickthrough rate increases, which:

  • Reduces your cost-per-click
  • Increases your quality score
  • Enhances your average position
  • Improves your impression share

3. Watch your conversions -vs- sales.

Now that pay-per-click tactics are upgraded, your ad campaigns should be increasing conversion volumes and providing you with more money. But are you aware which keywords, placements, or audiences are the ones making money?

Without tracking the components of your ad campaign and crediting them to your sales, you may be missing out on where exactly to focus your efforts. You can automatically track data within URLs when visitors convert by implementing Google’s ValueTrack parameters.

The manual UTM parameters can do this as well.

4. Evaluate your visitors’ intent on the temperature scale of the CTA

Not every pay-per-click guest comes to your landing page with the identical conversion intent.

Generally, guests that come through search are warm, while those that come through display are colder. Temperature scales vary depending on the origin of the guest. When it comes to matching call-to-action with temperature in the conversion funnel, it can help greatly knowing where your guest came from.

To match the intent temperature of your guests it is recommended testing various CTAs. In fact, a small CTA can make a significant difference.

Take note: the warm the guest’s intent the warmer the CTA can be

5. To transform larger conversions into small pieces utilize micro pay-per-click conversions.

As most of you know, the more detail-oriented and granular you can get with your pay-per-click ad campaigns, the more control you will have over their success.

To determine where your issues are when it comes to conversions, larger macro conversions can be broken down into micro conversions.

Analyzing the micro conversions is an efficient way to determine which part of your pay-per-click campaign is bringing about the conversion bottleneck.

Here are four common kinds of micro conversions that can be used to analyze the route toward conversion: Time on site; Scroll depth; Form field completion; Button click

These micro conversions can tell you countless things about your landing page.

By separating micro conversions, you can determine where the conversion resistance is located. This can help to quickly ease the issues and reach your conversion goal.

Whether it is tackling the Iceberg Effect, testing CTA temperatures, tracking your sales -vs- conversions, or analyzing PPC conversions, each of these pay-per-click tactics can provide a positive impact on the performance of your internet marketing campaigns.


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