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How to Get Your Blog Noticed

How to Get Your Blog Noticed

February 28, 2020

You’ve slaved over a blog post for hours. You’re ready to hit submit, excited to see who’ll share it first, how many likes it’ll get, and how many comments will come through the first hour.

Maybe you did write the best blog ever written, but if no one finds it, is it still the best? If no one comments, is it still the best? If no one shares it, is it still the best? You can no longer post and hope that in the sea of millions of posts that yours will be found and loved throughout social media. 

So how do you create a blog post? Where can you promote it? Important questions that you want to know, right? Just sit right back and let me tell you how to go about doing just that. 

  1. Quality Matters

Your idea of creating something amazing still matters. Creating quality content is something you should always aim for so that when your blog is found the people see the quality and want to stick around to read more. Make sure the content is related to your business and promotes your product and brand while at the same time being unique. 

How-to content is a good start on a worthwhile read. Other good posts would be featured guest writers and lists that show off your knowledge of your business that will get people interested in what you offer. Plus, numbers in headlines get people to click and read more often. 

Trends are not to be scoffed at because if used correctly this can keep your brand in the social media, public eye and garner interest from different readers. More on this later.

  1. Get to Know Your Audience

Know your readers and you can create content that’ll be helpful to them. Do research on your target audience to understand what they deal with, their desires, and their pain points. You can then tailor your posts to speak to, solve, and address their needs.

Your readers are important and speaking to them will give them something of value. Finding out what interests your readers will help you write content that they’ll not only enjoy, but want to share. 

  1. Visuals Help Readers Remember

We dress to impress the person we’re meeting that we deem important from social interactions or trying to land a client. Blogs are no different. If you dress your blog posts with visual content you are helping your consumers remember what your blog was about. Visual media is easier for people to remember and recall. 

You want your brand to be remembered and visuals will help that happen. Infographics, graphs, and other visuals such as videos will help in this effort. 

Want to drive traffic to your blog, use images. This can boost your blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Just imagine picking up a magazine without images. How much of that magazine would you enjoy? Images make the content not only more interesting, but helps consumers enjoy the content itself. 

  1. Get Your Blog Posts Searchable

You don’t have money to pay for paid promotion, use SEO and SERPS (search engine results pages) by optimizing your blog content for search.

There are different websites that help find trending topics such as Google Trends and even YouTube by looking at their trending video section. Identify keyword terms that will help your blog show up when people search for those terms. 

You should even link relevant internal pages (where you blog about something mentioned in the current blog) as well as any relevant external sites to help your blog get noticed.

  1. Build Relationships to Promote Your Blog

These relationships you build will help promote your blog without begging. Establish a loyal base of readers through emails. These readers will most likely provide feedback for what they’re reading and share your blog content. If you’re consistent on delivering quality blogs, they’ll often come back. 

If you build off-site relationships with other bloggers and businesses, you can share their content and most likely they’ll share yours in exchange. 


  1. Quality Matters – Write well written content. 
  2. Get to Know Your Audience – understand what your readers are interested in.
  3. Visuals Help Readers Remember – use graphs, photos, and videos.
  4. Get Your Blog Posts Searchable – use SEO to your advantage as well as trending topics.
  5. Build Relationships to Promote Your Blog – be personal with readers and bloggers to get promoted.

If you would like to learn more about blog writing, content writing and how these can help you improve your organic search engine optimization ranking, please contact-us today.