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What is Search Engine Optimization and Why Your Business Needs it

What is Search Engine Optimization and Why Your Business Needs it

September 3, 2020

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a hugely important part of digital marketing. When properly utilized, SEO can provide your website with clicks by pushing it higher on the list of search engine results. This is huge for your business, since every click on your website is a new potential customer. Because the internet is so flooded with websites these days, using SEO has become absolutely vital to running a successful business. As the premiere SEO firm in Scottsdale, we at Net-Craft are uniquely poised to provide you with the search engine optimization that your website needs.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engines like Google basically work through two different processes: indexing and ranking. Indexing is the first and most straightforward one. When you make a Google search for, say, “pizza in Scottsdale”, the search engine looks through all the different websites on the internet and takes note of every one that has those keywords on it. Then, it uses a number of different criteria to rank those sites based on how relevant to “pizza in Scottsdale” it thinks they are. This is where SEO comes in. If you know how the ranking works, then you can use that knowledge to convince the search engine that your website is the most relevant result. Sounds complicated, right? It is! But as an experienced Scottsdale SEO company, the engineers and programmers at Net-Craft have the knowledge you need to keep your site on the top of those rankings.

Why Should I Use Search Engine Optimization?

This is definitely a valid question. After all, can’t you just buy ads for your business and make your site appear at the top of Google searches anyway? The truth is it’s a little more complicated than that. The biggest advantage that SEO has over standard digital marketing is in traffic actually driven to your site. If you buy an ad, it could be seen by more people than if you used SEO alone. But the data shows that doesn’t necessarily result in more clicks. In fact, among all searches in the US, fewer than 3% of people actually clicked on paid search results. Non-paid results, called organic search results, result in far more clicks than paid results do. They’re more credible to today’s savvy browsers, as well as costing far less than continuously running ads.

SEO Strategy

The strategy behind successful SEO is more complex than just finding the right keywords. Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms and changing the way they rank results. That’s why you need a company like Net-Craft that specializes in Scottsdale SEO services. Our engineers will work with you to craft an SEO strategy that brings in the customers your business is looking for. We have the expertise to understand search engine algorithms and optimize your website for better visibility. We can even tailor your results for your key demographics, providing you with the most bang for your buck. Simply put, Net-Craft is the best and the most experienced choice for a Scottsdale SEO company.

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