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App Development: How Is Customer Experience Different from Customer Service?

App Development: How Is Customer Experience Different from Customer Service?

December 28, 2020

A customer-centered approach in business is critical towards building and sustaining your brand. Customer experience entails the overall experience your customer has across all the platforms they use to engage with your company. To make your customer’s experience easy and enjoyable, you should prioritize personalization and convenience in your mobile app. Customer service refers to the services offered to customers before, and after they buy your products and services. For instance, it solves app issues, or any payment hitches a client may experience. Striking a balance between customer service and customer experience will maintain your customer base and minimize customer loss.

Improving Your Customer App Experience

Mobile apps offer convenience by providing features unavailable on desktop and mobile websites. Maximizing these features is paramount towards improving your sales and maintain customer flow to your company. Read on for tips on improving your mobile app experience.

Optimize Your App’s Visibility

To optimize your app visibility, use App Store Optimization (ASO). This feature makes your app visible in ads and search results. As customers shop for the latest shopping options online, they would want to know about the experience they will get using your app. Therefore, giving a preview of the experience of your app is necessary. Among the things you can do to optimize your app’s visibility, are giving your app a simple name and adding a description. Your app design should also look modern and attractive yet simple for anyone to use. Adding beautiful images and fonts to your app will also make it eye-catching. You can also add some compelling screenshots of the products in your store to give an impression to your customers and make them desire the experience.

Make Your App Easy to Use

Organizing the home screen is necessary to make your app intuitive and improve customer experience. Focus more on the bestselling and relevant items, depending on the season. Also, include a search bar, preferably at the top of your app to make it easy for your customer to track products. Simplifying the purchasing part will also attract customers and minimize abandoned shopping carts. To make purchases easy with just a single tap, utilize Facebook, Google or the new Apple login functionality to register your customers, add a monthly payment system for high price items, incorporate camera-enabled credit cards, and use digital wallets.

Utilize Push Notifications

Make your customer feel special through message pop-ups from your app lock screen. This automatic messaging is useful in targeting your users based on the segments on your app, alert users on sales and promotions for items they’ve marked favorite, and remind them of the items they have left in their cart. Through push notifications you can also alert your customers on available incentives. The incentives can include a discount on a specific category of purchase and free shipping. You can also lure your inactive customers by sending them a promo code to make them engage with your app.

Utilize Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram present an opportunity for you to display and announce your products. Letting your customers know that great deals are only available on your app will prompt them to download your app and purchase your products. You can also sneak in a push notification to allow viewers direct access to the landing page of the specific products you are showcasing.

Finally, since customer experience may not solve all the problems, consider adding a customer service section. This includes your contact information, such as a hotline or email address to solve any issues. You can also use a Live Chatbox through which customers can communicate with your customer representatives. Remember to keep your interactions professional and put yourself in the customer’s shoes to be able to relate and solve customer issues politely.

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