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How to Get Users to Download your App

How to Get Users to Download your App

May 20, 2021

To effectively motivate an audience to download your mobile app you need to build a successful communication and launch strategy. Most of your audience will initially be hesitant to install the application if they have no idea what its main features are. Therefore, you should convince your audience to download and install the application by explaining how it solves their problems. Here are some common channels to message potential users:

1.    Social Media Channels

Social media is a great option to interact with a new audience. It acts as one of the best app acquisition channels. However, using social media platforms to promote your app is only helpful when you already have a large audience. If you do not, you can start paid social promotion campaigns to attract users. Social PPC costs are usually far less expensive than Google AdWords and give you the opportunity to directly engage with users and answer any questions they may have.

2.    Real-World Incentives

Users are consistently looking for a deal especially when there is an instant benefit. You can use this behavior as a strategy by offering your audience a reward for downloading your app. These rewards can be a contest entry, product giveaway, or discount. These promotional campaigns create interest among your audience and usually encourages sharing. It is important that your app offers a lasting benefit so that users are less likely to uninstall it after the app download.

3.    App Store Search Advertising

On both the Apple App and Google Play Stores paid search campaigns are available and they can be very effective at driving user downloads. When a potential user searches for a keyword, such as ‘best workout application’, your advertisement will appear at the top of the search results. In order to achieve better results with this campaign put yourself in the shoes of a potential user and select keywords that you would use to search for your app. Other web based platforms such as Google AdWords offer PPC campaigns as well. When a web user searches for a keyword on their phone, they see your app advertisement, click on the link and are directed to a page where they can download your app.

When choosing an acquisition strategy, it is important to consider the CPA or cost per acquisition. CPA is the marketing metric that indicates the effectiveness of the strategy based on cost per single paying customer. For instance, there are some channels that are budget-friendly but are not quick to generate an audience, these include standard app store listings and organic web traffic. On the other side of the coin, options that may cost more such as paid search and influencer partnerships are usually faster and more effective.

When you compare the CPA to the estimated profit you can generate from a single customer; you can easily decide if your strategies are worthwhile or not. Understanding the potential effectiveness of your acquisition strategies is essential before investing your money and time.

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