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Five Modern Web Design Elements to Take Your Site to the Next Level

Five Modern Web Design Elements to Take Your Site to the Next Level

September 22, 2021

Over the years, the best strategies for appealing, effective web design have changed dramatically. Today, there are plenty of smart modern web design elements you can use but some are absolute must-haves. Here’s a breakdown.

Mobile-friendly Layout

If your website is not mobile-friendly otherwise known as responsive web design in this day and age, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Mobile website traffic accounts for more than half of all web traffic worldwide. That means by optimizing for mobile, you could potentially double the traffic and the prospective customers who come to your site. Worthwhile, no?

Making a website’s layout mobile-friendly involves rescaling and resizing images and text to fit mobile devices. It may take some time and testing initially but it also has the potential to pay off significantly in the long run.


Minimalism is the dominant design strategy in web design these days and for good reason. Internet users don’t want to be bombarded with text and images when they click on a site. The content on a website should be carefully curated and used sparingly. The extra space on the page, the white space, will look clean and polished and appeal to site visitors. Plus, they’ll have no trouble focusing on the content you do include so they’re more likely to stick around.

Speed Optimization

No one likes a slow-loading website. The fact is that potential customers will just get frustrated and leave your site if it takes too long to load. That’s why speed optimization is key. It’s not as hard as it sounds, either. By simply using compression software, optimizing images, and choosing an appropriate hosting environment, you can boost your website’s page load speed.

Call to Action Buttons

If you’re interested in conversions, your website’s call to action buttons need to be as strong as possible. The buttons should be big, easily noticeable, and clear about what the user needs to do. Try using a bold color for the call to action button or a hero picture to catch the user’s attention.

Search Engine Optimization

A website won’t help your business very much if no one ever sees it. One of the best ways to get your site and your information in front of the eyes of potential customers is to use search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re not already familiar, SEO is a way of tailoring the content on a site to the protocols of various search engines so it ranks higher in the search results. The higher your site ranks, the more people will click on it and the more potential customers you have a chance of converting.

Building the Best Website

There’s plenty more than just these five elements to keep in mind when it comes to modern web design but this is a good place to start. To build the best possible website, you need to consider each design decision carefully. From there, you can use your website to go above and beyond with your business.

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