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Using the New Google Analytics Capabilities to Your Advantage

Using the New Google Analytics Capabilities to Your Advantage

December 17, 2021

Last year, Google introduced the new Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, with additional features meant to help business owners meet their marketing goals. Now, Google has put out even more capabilities for Google Analytics. Let’s break them down so you can make the most out of these new features and use them to your advantage.

Advanced Data-Driven Attribution

Google announced two attribution reports earlier in the year, Conversion Paths and Model Comparison, but the company is now going even further by launching data-driven attribution models.

These models will tell you how each of your various marketing efforts affects your conversions, allowing you to value (and fund) each according to the ROI they produce. When you know precisely how much of an impact each marketing touchpoint had on driving a conversion, you are better equipped to make smart marketing investment decisions. In the end, that will mean more conversions at a lower cost.

There are no minimum threshold requirements to take advantage of these data-driven attribution reports so any business can use them. Try it out today and you’ll see what a difference it can make.

New Modeling Capabilities

Google Analytics 4 is backed by advanced modeling technology made possible through machine learning. Machine learning is the future so there’s no better time than the present to start making it work to your business’s advantage.

The new modeling capabilities in this version of Google Analytics include more comprehensive conversion modeling and the addition of behavioral modeling. The conversion modeling is integrated into the Conversions report, the attribution reports, and Exploration reports to show where exactly your business’ conversions have come from. Google Analytics will sort these conversions into both Google and outside channels like paid social or search ads.

The behavior modeling is perhaps even more exciting. With behavioral modeling reports, you’ll be able to plug some of the previous holes in behavioral data such as average revenue per user. This is where machine learning comes into play. By filling in these gaps, the measurement of data on different platforms and devices will be much more complete, answering specific questions like, “How many new users did my last campaign bring in?”

Search Console

The Search Console in Google Analytics 4 is an advanced tool that offers an incredible wealth of information related to the all-important search component of a business’s marketing efforts. If you’re looking for information about how your website is performing in organic searches, how it’s ranking, and what search queries are leading to clicks and conversions, the Search Console is the place to look.

Organic search is a huge part of any modern marketing efforts and for good reason. It can have a major impact on the level of engagement with your business and the number of conversions you get. Search Console allows you to see how organic search is performing relative to your business’ other marketing channels like social media or email campaigns.

Don’t let these features go to waste. By integrating them into your marketing efforts, you could potentially meet and even surpass your business goals.

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