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Everything You Need to Know about Google Discovery Ads

Everything You Need to Know about Google Discovery Ads

February 17, 2022

Everything You Need to Know about Google Discovery Ads

Google recently announced a new and exciting ad type that advertisers can take advantage of- Discovery ads. These ads are engineered to target consumers when they’re most likely to take action. Let’s break down this new ad type, what they look like, what they mean for advertisers, everything you need to know.

What are Google Discovery Ads?

Google Discovery ads are interactive, immersive ads that show up on a variety of Google feeds including the Gmail app, Google, app, and YouTube app. The thing that makes these ads so unique (and potentially powerful) is that they are designed to target audiences precisely when they’re open to discovering unfamiliar products/services.

How is this possible? Google uses its most advanced machine learning to analyze customer intent signals and discover when users have the greatest likelihood of interacting with the brands. It’s a combination of targeting the most relevant users with the most relevant messaging. When they strike that perfect balance, advertisers can show ads that get more clicks and are much more effective.

Google says that the Google Discovery ads program is an ideal internet marketing strategy for reaching new customers, strengthening the connection with past customers, and scaling conversions. If any of those sound valuable, the Discovery ads program is worth checking out.

How Do Discovery Ads Compare to Display Ads?

There are two key differences between Discovery and Display ads.

First, Discovery ads are only delivered on Google feeds like YouTube and Gmail. Display ads show up in more places because they’re in the Google Display Network. If you want your ads to show up on a random webpage that’s not run by Google, you’ll need Display ads, not Discovery ads.

The other main difference between the two is their intended audience. Display ads are not necessarily meant to spur on any specific action or target a specific group of users. Discovery ads are designed to reach users who have been flagged by Google’s algorithms as showing high-intent behavior. Ads meant for any users other than those in this group would not be Discovery ads.

How to Get Started with Discovery Ads

If Discovery ads sound like something that might be useful to you as an advertiser, you’ll be happy to hear that launching a Discovery campaign is not very complicated.

You’ll need to have all your creative assets in order like the logo, image or images, and written copy. From there, you have to establish a daily budget that is a minimum of ten times more than your ideal CPA bid.

The next steps in the process are to go into your ad account and enable both conversion tracking and sitewide tracking. Make sure you’re in compliance with Google’s personalized ad policies and then you can get started.

Once you start a new campaign in your Google Ads account, select the Discovery campaign type and fill out all the rest of the required information about your audiences, geographic targeting, and more. You’ll then upload the creative assets you organized earlier, have the campaign go live, and wait for the learning period to expire (about two weeks). That’s it!

Google Discovery ads are potentially a very powerful advertising tool if you use them wisely. Take advantage of the opportunity!

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