Case Studies

Custom Ridez

iPhone / Native iPad Application
Game / Entertainment

Solution and our mobile development group created a custom iPhone and native iPad application that allows users to build and customize their favorite car. The iPhone app uses the power of 3D technology to bring an inviting user experience for playing and constructing the car models.

  • Concepts & Planning:

    Concepts & Planning:

    Initial app development planning meetings were conducted with our client and the team. Custom graphical concepts and sketches were shown to the client so that a look and feel for the app could be established. During this time agreed with our client a number of cars and visual “upgrades” that should be integrated into an app, we started to work on the graphical sketches, showing several initial sketches to our client. During this time, our app programming team began gathering all needed materials / tools to build the core for the complex mobile application.

  • Application Structure:

    Application Structure: decided to use the Cocos3D development framework for iOS in order to integrate the 3D graphics into the app. Considering the requirements of this framework Net-Craft created a number of 3D models of car elements such as car bodies, spoilers, wheels, bumpers that are completely compatible with the 3D framework.

    In order to add to the user experience and allow word-of-mouth app marketing a social “share” button was integrated, that allows users to post their custom cars to FaceBook. also integrated several custom sound effects to improve the user experience.