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Are You A-B Split Testing Yet?

Are You A-B Split Testing Yet?

March 18, 2011

AB split testing is the most basic of techniques that are available for testing the effectiveness of web site landing pages. AB testing derives its name from the testing of two different landing pages (A + B). Split testing refers to the random delivery of new visitors to either version A or version B of landing page.

Web site traffic is proportionately split between the audience base and is shown in a parallel time period. These are important characteristics to a proper AB split test as it allows for a complete data analysis. A third version can also be injected into the test making an ABC split test.

The versions tested do not have to be completely different either. Common variables tested include link formatting, call-to-action graphic types, and alternate text content in specific areas. It is important to define the goal of your test as well. The goal may be a higher click through rate or simply more sales of a given item.

AB testing is easy-to-implement and the data it provides can be incredibly valuable. Software tools such as Google Analytics can be configured for an AB test quite quickly. The resulting data is usually easy to understand and analyze. With proper AB testing, multi-digit improvements are common.

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